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Look for value before opting for any type of a senior living

In a world of today the retired section of people have plenty of options to consider post their retirement. Most of such senior citizens prefer to lead an independent life post retirement but simultaneously also require assistance in their daily chores. So, senior living care TX forms an integral part of the modern day set up. Then, of the many ways care can be taken for the elderly, the concept of assisted living is one of the most popular ones. This is because assisted living offers the better of two worlds for the person served by the system.

In such a kind of a senior living, independence is at a high while caregivers are available if they should need them. In essence, they are never really alone. Then there is another type of a senior living can be in the form of the long term care. As the term suggests, long term care is required when the in-home or assisted living is no longer enough and residents require 24 hours of care. Long-term care residents receive constant supervision by professional nurses and staff to cater to their medicinal and non medicinal needs.

Fortunately, these days' ventures like Daybreak are tirelessly committed to ensure the highest quality of comfort and endless care for the residents in their homes. Daybreak Venture operates in form of seventy four facilities across Texas, thereby making us one of the State's largest providers of long-term and assisted living TX rehabilitative care. Our facilities vary in size, ranging from small forty bed facilities to arrangements for more than two hundred residents.

Such ventures also ensure that the residents do mingle with each other and participate in maximum recreational activities and outings. This exercise certainly rejuvenates them and provides a soothing affect to their nerves, relaxing their mind, body and soul. They also provide respite or momentary relief to the caregivers from often exhausting and painstaking bottlenecks / challenges that they face while caring for the affected members in their family. Daybreak Venture also offers consultations via the in-house therapy team to determine if therapy may be beneficial in improving quality of health and life.

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Care Retirement Communities

Blaine Manor ranks 5th in state

The Blaine Manor skilled-nursing home has been ranked the fifth best nursing home in the state; however, Administrator Gail Goglia said that's not good enough.

"We want to be No. 1," she said. "We'd like to tweak everything."

The Hailey nursing home is in the top half of a list of the state's top 10 nursing homes, according to U.S. News & World Report. While Blaine Manor ranked above facilities in Boise, Emmett and Lewiston, it fell behind the Ashton Living Center, Idaho Elks Rehab Hospital, the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and the Owyhee Health and Rehab Center.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the rankings are based on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer website run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The data are based on health inspections conducted by state agencies and from information reported from the homes themselves on resident quality of life. The rankings do not include assisted-living facilities or retirement communities, both of which provide less care than do nursing homes.

"We are proud of this honor and the level of care we provide to our residents," Goglia said. "We have quality people and good systems in place."

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid gave the manor a five-star quality rating based on its performance during health inspections. Goglia said Blaine Manor's ranking generally hovers between four and five stars, depending on the year.

"Part of the problem with that rating is we have such a small sample here that one event can skew the results," she said.

The standards measured by health inspections include safety of food preparation, medication management, resident quality of life and even proper skin care. Blaine Manor had eight health deficiencies during its last two inspections, below the state average of 10.

Blaine Manor ranked above both state and national averages in total hours of staff time per resident, even coming in slightly above the number of hours per resident reported by Aston, the top-ranked home.

However, the report also shows that Blaine Manor is well above average in the percentage of its residents who are depressed or anxious, as well as those whose mobility decreases during their time at the facility.

The facility reported that 31 percent of its residents are depressed or anxious, and 30 percent lose the ability to move in and around their rooms. The state averages for these standards are 17 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

However, Goglia said the residents are "basically content."

"We have an extremely elderly population, and people do decline as they age," she said. "They have a decrease in mobility, they have a decrease in cognition. This often makes them depressed, but when they're in their mid-90s, you will see those declines."

Goglia said the manor staff will continue to improve its level of service and predicted it will become the state's best nursing home.

"It's doing more of what we're doing, making sure we have a stable staff and that we have good systems in place," she said. "To get quality (care), you have to have quality people."

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Spring Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation

At Spring Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation we offer three kinds of services:

Transitional Care - a short term recovery stay to get you back home safely
Our Long Term Care – for maximum independence and quality of life

Respite Care – a short term stay when a full time care taker cannot be available

Our Safe Transition Home Program

When you are faced with a hospitalization due to an injury, illness or a surgery, all you can think about is getting better and returning home.   Here at Spring Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation we offer all the advanced, post hospital services that you will need to make this possible.   We are different because you will be directly involved in the development of your individual Safe Transition Home Program as our team of experts provide the guidance, support, and all the treatment  options you will need to be successful.  The qualified professionals on your care plan team include:  your physicians and/or nurse practitioner,  registered and licensed vocational nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, (and if needed speech therapist), a dietician, dietary staff,  social worker, certified nurse’s aides, recreation staff, consulting pharmacist, and other supportive staff members.

To Begin Your Safe Transition Home Program

Call us today and we will work with your Physician and the Hospital Discharge Planners/Case Manager or other care providers to arrange your care coordination transition and prepare for your arrival.  We will meet with you and your family and answer all your questions and help you through this difficult time.  Your physician will provide all the initial instructions for your care and then we meet to set your specific Transitional Care goals and establish your individual care plan.   Once the plan is established, we both get to work.  You will have a far better chance to recover if you are fully informed of your care options and sign off on your own recovery plan.

Your Safe Transition Plan Back Home

When the time comes to go home, we help you arrange a gentle step back home.  We will help you organize the support services needed such as Home Care, Equipment, Outpatient or Home Therapy,   Technical Safety Options, and Physician follow-up to assure a safe and successful transition back home.  It is our goal to provide the support and education you need to assure you do not require re-admission to the hospital.
Our Transitional Care Program works with the following needs:

  • Surgery Recovery
  • Joint/Hip replacement or other orthopedic injuries
  • Stroke and neurological conditions
  • Cardiac related illnesses
  • Pulmonary related illnesses
  • Diabetes management
  • Wound care
  • Oncology Recovery / Strengthening
  • Other conditions that have required hospitalization

Our Long Term Care

Here at Spring Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation we also offer long term skilled nursing for those who cannot return to a lesser level of care and need the full, 24 hour support to maintain an optimal level of independence and quality of life.   Our long term program continues to put our residents; and/or family members in the center of their care plan; but the goals are designed to improve quality of life while managing the various conditions and diseases that are present.   To do this, we have a full program that includes:
  • Private or semi-private rooms
  • 24 hour skilled nursing services
  • 3 delicious meals a day plus snacks according to your specific dietary plan
  • Full service housekeeping; laundry; and maintenance
  • Social services
  •  An ongoing activity program with variety and items of special interest
  • Therapeutic visits and outings
  • Family nights and a resident and family council
  • Ongoing care plan meetings for each resident and/or their families

Call us today:

901 Central Texas Expressway
Lampasas,TX, 76550
tel: (512) 556-8827
fax: (512) 556-5840

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Stanton Nursing & Rehabilitation

Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation, built in 1974, is located just 20 minutes from both Midland and Big Springs in rural Stanton, Texas.

If a friendly country setting is your preference, then Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation is the facility of choice.  Our staff is committed to delivering excellent and individualized care.

Long-term Care
: When in-home care or assisted living is no longer enough, 24-hour care may be necessary for those with chronic needs. Our staff is available to provide skilled nursing care and assistance with daily living activities while maintaining dignity of life.

Rehabilitation: Our in-house Rehabilitation Department is available to design a program specifically to meet the needs of each patient. Unlike acute rehabilitation centers, we do not require that patients be able to tolerate a minimum of three hours of therapy per day. Patients are allowed to enter a rehab program at their own physical levels and to increase their level of therapy until reaching their potential. In addition to traditional rehabilitation methods, our therapy team utilizes some of the most modern technology to address the complex needs of patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

Hospital to Home
When transitioning from hospital to home, many individuals benefit from a short stay in a skilled nursing facility. An interdisciplinary care-team of health care experts includes Physicians, Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech-language Pathologists, Dieticians, Recreational Therapists, and licensed Social Workers. This team works to develop a specific plan of care that addresses individual needs in order to meet goals as quickly as possible and expedite the return home.

Specialty: Our Secure Unit is designed for the safety and care of individuals showing symptoms of exit seeking, wandering, and pacing that often develop with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Hospice Care: As part of our services, we offer a form of palliative care designed for residents who require specialized care and comfort without using heroic lifesaving measures. We contract with several hospice organizations that provide palliative services and counseling for the resident and family.

Respite Care: When a caregiver needs a temporary break, we offer relief by providing room, board, medication management, and supervision to those who are in his or her care. These stays may be as short as three days or as long as a month. Respite care is subject to bed availability.

Recreational/Social Events
: All of our residents are offered the opportunity to participate in group exercise and activities, religious services, weekly socials, bingo and games, monthly birthday parties, and the Red Hat Society.

Semi-private rooms, free Cable TV, Laundry and Housekeeping Services, Sun room, and outside Courtyard.

Assisted Independent Living Stanton
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Terrace West Nursing & Rehabilitation

Like so many other families, you realize that a loved one may need short term or long term care in a nursing center where proper, full time attention can be given by professionals. Terrace West Nursing & Rehabilitation, offers these families a home where residents can benefit from services only a skilled nursing facility can offer; such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory and speech therapy and mental health therapy. Our facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid. We accept private insurance as well.

Our Social Services Department is dedicated to providing assistance and guidance to residents and their families with financial needs in order to minimize the added stress created by an otherwise expensive venture. In the year 2001, Terrace West Nursing & Rehabilitation assisted residents and families in saving over one million dollars of their personal assets overall without losing quality of care or focus of needs. Our administrative staff maintains a close working relationship with financial planners ready to give prospective residents and families advice. Our Social Services Department also remains up-to-date with changes affecting residents regarding Medicaid and Medicare guidelines.

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Terry Haven Nursing & Rehabilitation

Mt. Vernon is a small East Texas town. While it is best known favorite son, Don Meredith, who put Mt. Vernon on the map with his down-to-earth charm, residents and families will discover that same warmth and ambiance in Mt. Vernon today. A welcome reminder of everyone's Hometown USA.

Terry Haven Nursing & Rehabilitation has been part of this community for over 38 years. Our facility was built as a residence in 1947 by the Jimmy Kate Terry family. In 1964, it was remolded by Mr. & Mrs. Austin Brakebill as the first senior home in Franklin County. Through the years we have expanded to a licensed 65 bed facility with 29 private and 17 semi-private rooms.
  •     Skilled Nursing
  •     Short and Long Term Care
  •     IV Therapy
  •     Occupational Therapy
  •     Physical Therapy
  •     Speech Therapy
  •     Social Service
  •     Wound Care
  •     X-ray
  •     Laboratory
  •     Podiatry
  •     Optometrist

Our small quiet home includes the following in-house services:

Residents also have an active Resident Council and their doctor still makes facility "rounds". Our dietary staff works with each resident to provide home cooked meals and snacks daily within their individual dietary needs. The activity staff along with community volunteers from our churches, schools and citizens provide residents with activities touching the "very young" to the "young at heart"!

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Hospice, Insurance, and Private Pay.

Short Term Assisted Living Mt. Vernon
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Westridge Nursing & Rehabilitation

The mission of Westridge Nursing & Rehabilitation is to provide the quality of care necessary to assist our residents in achieving their optimal potential; physically, mentally, and spiritually. With this mission in mind, we offer a wide variety of programs including 24 hour nursing care, as well as a wide range of services.

Some of our services include the following:
  •     Skilled Nursing
  •     Long Term Care
  •     Short Term (Respite)
  •     Hospice
  •     Rehabilitation
  •     IV Therapy
  •     Physical Therapy
  •     Occupational Therapy
  •     Speech Therapy
  •     Wound Care
  •     Behavior Management

Westridge Nursing & Rehabilitation is certified by both the state and federal governments to provide long term care. Often we provide a bridge between the acute care hospital and home care in our Skilled Nursing Unit. This can be an alternative for a seriously ill person who still requires highly skilled nursing care or therapies for a short period of time. This is a benefit which can be provided under Medicare for up to 100 days to residents who have been hospitalized for at least a three day period. As such, the stay is a continuation of treatment that was started in the hospital setting.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the wide rage of activities planned by a certified Activity Director. Parties, movies, exercises, outings, and musical programs are provided by the staff and volunteers.

We know that being in a nursing facility affects more people than just the resident. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is regarding our visiting hours. While we suggest you visit between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., we are aware that individual life styles may make these hours difficult. In addition, we want our family members to feel comfortable in knowing they are welcome any hour of the day or night as long as that visit does not interfere with the rights and privacy of the other residents.

We welcome the opportunity to take you on a tour of our facility to introduce you to our family.

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Skilled Nursing Care Facility Karnes

Bluebonnet Nursing & Rehabilitation is fully licensed under State, Federal, and Local Laws and is approved for participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs. 

The Rehabilitation Program at Bluebonnet Nursing & Rehabilitation is designed to individualize each resident's treatment plan considering the present function level and setting goals for attainable maximum levels of function.

The Rehabilitation Program includes:

  •     Physical Therapy
  •     Occupational Therapy
  •     Wound Care Program
  •     Ambulation Program
  •     Speech Therapy
  •     IV Therapy
  •     Restorative Nursing Program
  •     Tube Feeding

Bluebonnet Nursing & Rehabilitation residents enjoy a well-balanced activity program designed to meet their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. Our in-house beauty and barber salon is very popular with our residents.We invite community activities to our facilities, including entertainers, religious leaders, volunteers, and families. The joy and love you can bring is an added pleasure.We welcome the opportunity to take you on a tour of our facility to introduce you to our family.

Bluebonnet Nursing & Rehabilitation emphasizes the "team" approach to comprehensive treatment, enabling our staff to give our residents the best quality care available.Open communication amongst the various skilled disciplines including nursing, dietary, therapy, activities, and other services enables the residents to restore and/or maintain their highest levels of functioning.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fredericksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Fredericksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation located in the heart of the Texas hill country is a ninety bed facility featuring a broad range of services including long term, short term, post surgical and respite care.

Our dedicated staff of professionals are licensed to provide all levels of care including skilled nursing and IV therapy twenty-four hours a day. Registered Nurses are on duty seven days per week. The high ratio of staff to residents - 1 staff member for every 1.4 resident's - assures an exceptional level of care. This in addition to the average employee tenure of twelve years makes for a dedicated staff that takes pride in the care provided.

Transportation to and from physician or other medical offices is provided by the wheel chair accessible van. Hill Country Memorial Hospital is just a few blocks away.

Semi private and private rooms are available. Residents and families are encouraged to personalize their rooms with photos and favorite chairs or personal items.

Rehabilitation services, including physical and occupational evaluation and ongoing services are provided by licensed therapists and restorative aids. This includes wound care, prosthetic needs, and physical therapy designed to bring the resident to their maximum level of functioning.

Trained dietary staff plan and serve nutritional meals and three snacks per day as well as therapeutic diets as ordered by a physician under the direction of a licensed dietitian. Alternate meal choices or substitutions are offered at each meal.

Hospice care is available as well as daily or temporary twenty-four hour respite care.

Social services are provided by a Licensed Master Social Worker-Advanced Clinical Practitioner. Psychological and Psychiatric counseling services are also available.

Fredericksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation accepts residents without discrimination. Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and private insurance payments are accepted.

A busy and varied activity program administered by a Certified Activity director offers numerous daily activities. Residents enjoy around town shopping trips to stores of their choice, van rides to local points of interest, trips to the library or special community events.

In-house activities include games, bingo, parties, dominoes, exercise, movies, cookouts, discussion groups, and pet therapy. At least one "live music" group performs weekly. Local private and public school groups also present programs, plays or musical events for the residents.

For more information, please call us, or stop by for a visit.

Read more here to know us better: Skilled Nursing Care Facility Fredericksburg and Short Term Nursing Home Dallas 
Our address is:

1117 South Adams
Fredericksburg,TX, 78624
tel: (830) 997-4364
fax: (830) 997-3244

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Proposed assisted living change stirs anger

Tamara Pirkle skipped work Wednesday to join about 250 people crowded into a Department of Community Health public hearing.

Her sentiment was almost universal among the folks that filled the downtown Atlanta boardroom and spilled into an overflow area with video monitors and into the hallways. "Don't change the rules on assisted living facilities," Pirkle said.

A proposed rule change before the DCH would require that everyone living at an assisted living facility be able to exit the building under his or her own power during an emergency such as a fire.

Should the new rule pass, those who would need help getting out could be forced to transfer to nursing homes, which generally are more expensive and are required to have more staffers on hand.

Already, the state is backing off the proposed changes as currently written, said Doug Colburn, the DCH's director of health care facility regulation.

"At the end of the day, it won't be a rule that will put people out of an assisted living home, or put anyone out of business," he said.

"What we ultimately put forward, won't be this," he said.

More than 30,000 Georgians live in thousands of assisted living facilities across the state, according to Genia Ryan, the president of the Georgia chapter of the Assisted Living Federation of America.

The idea proposed by the DCH staff is to make assisted living facilities as safe as nursing homes, said Colburn.

Pirkle, of Sandy Springs, has a 90-year-old grandmother, Joyce Dyer, who lives at the Dogwood Forest assisted living facility in Alpharetta.

"If there's a fire alarm or such, she'd need someone to take her by the arm and direct her to an exit," Pirkle said. "They are totally capable of doing that at Dogwood. But if they say she has to do it on her own, she can't do it. We'd have to move her."

Wednesday's meeting, which lasted for more than three hours, was held to take public comment on the issue. Colburn said that, because of the public outcry about the proposed rule, DCH staffers are recommending that the board table the proposal and consider other options.

"We won't be presenting this proposal to the [DCH] board at the next meeting, but we will work to revise the [proposed] rule so it won't be construed as so restrictive," he said. "That wasn't ever our intent. We were trying to update the rules, with safety in mind."

"If our wording is imperfect, then this is just part of the process to look at what is feasible or not feasible," Colburn said.

At its Jan. 13 meeting, the board will receive a transcript of Wednesday's hearing, along with copies of the hundreds of letters and e-mails from the public about the proposed rule.

Colburn said that it will be up to the board to decide what it will do. But the staff is recommending that the proposed rule be tabled indefinitely.

Many people who spoke Wednesday asked that the board create a task force, and include on it operators of assisted living facilities, to look at any updates in the safety rules.

Lisa Marie Shekell, a DCH spokeswoman, said that there is no timeline set yet for when the board might make any decision or create a task force.

But Dennis Wester, the owner of the small assisted living facility Abundant Living in Comer, Ga., said that he can't take any chances that the board will or won't adopt the rule as it is currently proposed.

He said he intends to be at upcoming DCH meetings to make sure that the new rule isn't adopted despite the outcry.

"There's been a major lack of communication between the board and those of us in the industry," said Wester. "I don't know if the board is trying to phase out the little guys, but if they go forward [with the change], they're going to put us under."

Wester, who for the past 14 years has run a facility at his home for six elderly people, said that he and his wife work around the clock to give his clients the best care.